University of Crete


Research activity is one of the most basic indexes of a universityĺs progress and its evaluation is both an obligation and a duty for its administration. Since its foundation the research conducted in University of Crete is focused in all scientific fields developed by its 17 departments and the various labs. As a result, University of Crete is considered nowadays as the place where new knowledge and technological advances are produced in a broad area of scientific interests as in Biomedicine and Health, Biotechnology, Environment (terrestrial, marine and atmospheric), Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Nanotechnology, Materials Science, Marine Science, Education and Language, History and Archaeology, Psychology and Economics, Sociology and Political Sciences.

The electronic inventory that follows, is aimed to evaluate and document the scientific work produced in our university during the period of 1996-2006. This work is either original, published in prestigious international journals or it is of high national importance. It has been evaluated based on specific criteria which are analyzed for each case. At the moment, the developed database contains only the publications of the members of the Schools in the Heraklion campus, that is the School of Medicine and the School of Sciences and Engineering and which are already included in international databases. The records of the Schools in Rethymno campus will follow. We hope that this effort will be continued and this documentation of the research activity in University of Crete will be enriched with more elements in order to reflect the broader research activity and production of the members of our institution.

The finding, crossing and organizing the information as well as the organization of the database itself is a collaborative work for which I deeply thank all those who participated. However, as it usually happens, the quality of the result depends basically on the enthusiasm or/and the diligence of certain individuals. The present venture was made possible thanks to the five volunteer colleagues who comprise the committee for carrying out the work and who are, in alphabetical order, the Associate Professor D. Alexandraki (Department of Biology) and the Professors E. Castanas (Department of Medicine), A. Papadopoulos (Department of Economics), A. Politis (Department of Philology) and E.G. Stefanou (Department of Chemistry). Furthermore, the help of Biology postgraduate student Mr. ╩. Ampatzis, the economist Ms. ╠. Daskalaki and the employee of the Department of Medicine Ms. I. Kipraki in searching, processing and arranging the information found in the databases Scopus, Thompson Scientific (ISI) and Pubmed respectively was of outmost importance. Finally, the contribution from the Computer Center staff, Ms. Tomara and Mr. Klisarhakis, who voluntarily offered their assistance by creating the present database, is considered of equal importance. I sincerely thank them all.

July 2007
Professor M. Kentouri
Vice-rector of Financial Affaires and Development
Chairperson of the research committee